70s TV Flashback

70s TV Flashback


I recently came across a collection of 70s commercials on YouTube. It was a fun trip down memory lane. Anyone who was 

around in the 70s probably remembers classics like “Be a Pepper! Drink Dr. Pepper!” and the iconic Coke commercial “I’d like to buy the world a Coke…” Then of course there were the commercials we grew up watching on Saturday mornings, like Kool-Aid, Count Chocula and Tang. I was just a child in the 70s, but I remember them well and I quite enjoyed all the memories and feelings they brought back.

I bet there are some jingles from commercials back then that you can still sing every word to. It’s funny how we find today’s commercials annoying, but can look back at commercials from the past and enjoy them. I particularly enjoy old TV promos. Remember the days when each network had its own slogan (such as NB See Us Now! for NBC) and little presentations to promote each season’s TV shows.

TV was so much more fun back then! Watching the commercials for the shows I watched and loved back then really made me feel nostalgic and a bit wistful. It also left me appreciating the variety and creativity of 70s TV. These days it’s all reality shows or gory crime shows. Not much else to chose from on primetime TV anymore!

Head on over to YouTube and take your own walk down memory lane. What were your favorite commercials and shows? Come back and leave a comment to share your favorite memories with us!