The Love Boat's Last Hurrah....

The Love Boat's Last Hurrah....

The Love Boat is no longer “exciting and new”,  in fact it’s sailed on its last cruise. According to an Italian newspaper, the

 iconic “Pacific Princess” which sailed week after week for 10 seasons on the hit TV series “The Love Boat”,  is headed for the scrapyard. It was commissioned in 1971 and was actively used by Princess Cruises until 2002 when it was sold to another cruise line.

“The Love Boat” rejuvenated what was at the time an ailing cruise industry with it’s portrayals of fun and romantic cruises filled with beautiful scenery and a friendly and mischievous crew played by Gavin MacLeod (also well known as Murray from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”) , Fred Grandy (who went on to become a popular congressman), Lauren Tewes, Ted Lange and Bernie Kopell (also well known for his roles on “That Girl” and “Get Smart”.  In fact the cast became so endearing that stories surfaced of tourists who arrived for their cruise and were unhappy to find the real crew of their real cruise ships actually spent their time working rather than frolicking with guests!

“The Love Boat” was one of many iconic Aaron Spelling shows of the 70’s and 80’s. Go on, I know you had a crush on Gopher, admit it! People tuned in each week to see who would be among the many guest stars, which were a wonderful mix of old Hollywood, current heartthrobs, and pop favorites like Donny Osmond. It was a TV junkie’s heaven!

So long Pacific Princess, and thanks for the memories!