Top 5 Old-School Star Wars Toys

Top 5 Old-School Star Wars Toys

I remember sitting in the theater between my Dad and uncle who had generously “volunteered” to take me to Star Wars when I was a kid. The movie was exciting enough to stand out in my memory and I saw all three of the original Star Wars films in the theaters. I wasn’t lucky enough to have any of the Star Wars toys, but as an adult now understand the incredible depth that Stars Wars toys played in the lives of  many people lives from my generation. I did some investigative journalism to uncover a short list of what the Star Wars experts I happen to know feel are the strongest contenders for the best Star Wars toys. Do you agree with them? If not, please feel free to blast me in the comment section and add your own.

 Death Star- According to my sources, which shall remain anonymous, the reasons for the inclusion of the Death Star should be self-evident- the Death Star had a Trash Compactor. How cool is that?

Tie Fighter- Again, the experts I consulted all agreed on this- the Tie Fighter was one of the Empire’s ultimate fighting machines- the coolness factor lies in the fact that the wings actually come off. It’s safe to say that nothing compares to retractable wings. The Tie-Fighter also flies through hyper-space. While hyper-space flying is more common these days, it was definitely nothing to sneeze at when the Tie- Fighter first made its debut.

Millenium Falcon-Need I say more. Han Solo’s ship is awesome. Some of you may know that the actual shape of the Millenium Falcon was inspired by a hamburger. For an example of how to draw the Millenium Falcon, check out this LINK.

 X-Wing Fighter- Again, from what my sources tell me, the X-Fighter is an integral part of the Rebel Fleet. If you are interested in a sneak-peak at a life-size home-made X-Fighter, please feel free to take a look HERE.

AT-AT- The AT-AT looks cool. What could possibly be better than a robot-like thingy (to be precise) that fits Storm Troopers in its bowels? The AT-AT is so cool that Hasbro is reportedly releasing a new AT-AT on August 1 of this year.