Alabama 3 Covers "Hotel California"

Alabama 3 Covers "Hotel California"

Alabama 3 and Their Eagles Cover

If you have traveled anywhere AT ALL in the entire world, you are well aware of the fact that The Eagle’s “Hotel California” is one of the most played songs to this day and is covered often by foreign bands playing English and American covers.


I’ve never understood the reasons for the continuing popularity of the song because “Hotel California” is almost a million minutes long and has several stanzas of lyrics that can’t be easy for non-native English speakers to memorize. Of course, some countries may have different standards for what makes music popular; it could just be that the longer a song is, the more impressive it actually seems or appears to be.


Whatever the reason may be for the “Hotel California”’s continued popularity, it doesn’t seem like The Eagle’s most popular song will fade away into oblivion any time soon. Despite how incredibly long “Hotel California” is and its relative unpopularity in urban America, there are actually some good covers of the song, including the following version, which was done by Alabama 3.


Alabama 3 is a British band who is probably best known for writing the Soprano’s theme song, “Woke Up This Morning.” Go ahead and listen to Alabama 3’s cover of “Hotel California.” Just remember that no one will judge you if you don’t make it through more than two or three minutes of the song; no one is going to blame you for it.